Caring for parents in old age philosophy essay

Submit Adult caring for elderly parent You feel obligated to care for a parent just as they cared for you as a child. I left home when I was 18 and became independent.

Caring for parents in old age philosophy essay

Some moral philosophers in the West e. This is because children do not ask to be brought into the world or to be adopted. Therefore, there is a "basic asymmetry between parental and the filial obligations. Some moral philosophers in the West hold that adult children do not have any more moral obligation to support their elderly parents than does any other person in the society, no matter how much sacrifice their parents made for them in the past or what kinds of misery their parents are presently suffering.

This is so, they claim, because children do not ask to be brought into this world or to be adopted. Thus, the traditional filial obligation of supporting and taking care of the aged is left as either the private responsibility of the elderly themselves or as a societal burden on the public.

It incurs neither an "owing" nor a moral obligation to reciprocate. Accordingly, "a filial obligation would only arise," says English, "from whatever love s he [the adult child] may still feel for them [her parents].

That is to say, it is not consensual, contractarian, and voluntarist but existential, communal, and historical. It claims that filial obligation, if it is to be a moral obligation, should be based on the voluntary consent of all moral agents involved. I call it the "principle of intentional consent.

It is "intentional" because an agreement or an approval ought to be reached voluntarily and without any kind of outside coercion or deceit. Therefore, as a free, rational, and autonomous moral agent, I am morally responsible only for the consequences of those actions which I have committed voluntarily, without any coercion and deceit.

Otherwise I will not see myself behaving as a free and autonomous being. Living in modern society, it seems that few people can really deny the importance of the principle of intentional consent and that of the concept of autonomy in our consideration of the nature of morality.

However, is it the absolute and exclusive grounding of morality? That is to ask, is there any limitation of that principle in our moral practice, especially when we consider filial morality in dealing with the relationship between adult children and their aged parents?

Let me try to answer the question by looking at the following example. When Fred, a strong man and a good swimmer, 6 went by a swimming pool on his way home, he found a three year old child Sheila was drowning in a swimming pool with another young child John crying nearby.

Does Fred have any moral obligation to jump into the pool to save Sheila? Most of us, I believe, would say "yes" according to our common moral sense.

Caring for parents in old age philosophy essay

But what interests us in this example is not whether Fred ought to save Sheila but why Fred ought to try to save her. However, not giving consent does not sufficiently exempt Fred from his moral obligation to save Sheila in such a situation.

All of these demonstrate that at least some of our commonly and ordinarily accepted and practiced moral obligations can be justified without being preconditioned by the mutual consent of the moral agents involved in the action. That is to say, they are, pace Daniels, "asymmetrical" rather than "symmetrical.

It is rather determined mainly by what kind of existential situation a moral agent is in and what kind of social role she plays.Essay on The Importance of Good Parenting Words | 6 Pages.

Introduction Parenting style is one of the most attributed issues when dealing with care for children by their own parents. The parental obligation of caring for their young children, says Daniels, is a "self-imposed" duty, while the so-called children's obligation of caring for their aged parents is .

Oct 05,  · In contrast to the reciprocity argument, the friendship argument of filial obligations focuses on the current relationship of adult children and elderly parents, and it accepts that adult children’s support to their parents is contingent on these emotions.

[tags: Philosophy Nursing Caring Watson Essays] Powerful Essays words | ( pages) | - Caring Between Parents and Children Parents and their children create a certain aspect of love that is special to them. This caring part of love is so powerful that it continues after death.

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