Motivate a diverse workforce

The three types are:

Motivate a diverse workforce

Take Our Product Survey. Introduction Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM are viewed as fundamental elements in the preparation of our next generation. To begin laying this foundation for students as they compete in the 21st century economy, educators and decision makers must continue to increase their understanding of various STEM education opportunities.

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They must also realize the need to establish support systems for diverse learners as they relate to STEM education, while at the same time recognize the economic impact of not moving in this direction.

However, before this journey can begin, a deeper understanding of STEM and a workable definition must be established. The components of STEM are discussed below following descriptions of the procedure by which resources were selected for this paper and the limitations of this paper.

The literature searches focused on research completed within the last 10 years.

Refer to the State Highlights section of this paper for information that was obtained on state-specific STEM education efforts. Limitations It is important to note that a limited number of the resources summarized in this report were from peer-reviewed journals.

Since the information on this topic was provided to illustrate strategies and approaches for increasing access to STEM education for diverse students, empirical support regarding the efficacy of any specific strategies or programs was included if it was available.

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SECC staff provided the above limitations to assist clients and other stakeholders in making informed decisions with respect to the information presented. SECC does not endorse any strategies or programs featured in this paper.

The term STEM was coined at the National Science Foundation NSF as a way to encompass a new "meta-discipline" that combined science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subject areas.

This new discipline was meant to transform traditional classrooms from teacher-centered instruction into inquiry-based, problem solving, discovery zones where children engage with content to find solutions to problems Fioriello, It is a way of looking at and solving a problem in a holistic way, seeing how the components of STEM interact with each other.

Put simply, it is the intersection of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is problem based. It is the applied convergence of these disciplines used to solve a problem.

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D As competition in the global marketplace grows for a highly skilled, highly educated workforce that has the ability to work independently and creatively, the STEM approach seeks to meet the challenge.

By giving students the opportunity to solve real-world problems in context, students grasp a deeper understanding of the content and how to apply their knowledge in a meaningful way.

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Early Exposure to STEM Education A key theme running through much of the recent science education literature has been the increasing reluctance of young people in many parts of the world to participate in STEM education Boe et al.

Several recommendations have been presented on how to best attract students into this widely growing field through various STEM education opportunities. Research suggests the need to expose children to appropriate STEM opportunities early in their education Bagiati et al.

Motivate a diverse workforce

To help address this issue, the Sesame Street television show has focused season 42 on STEM education—encouraging children to think about science, technology, engineering, and math. Purdue University conducted a study involving the review of Internet open resources containing engineering educational material intended for young children in preschool through grade 3 as part of the landscape of such resources available for use with prekindergarten through grade 12 Bagiati et al.About Jeanne Meister Jeanne C.

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Mar 07,  · There are an estimated 80 million young Americans who belong to the so-called millennial generation, roughly ages 18 to By next year, they are expected to comprise 36% of the U.S. workforce.

Practical Solutions for a Changing Workforce Keynote speaker David DeLong helps leaders close the “skills gap” and tackle their challenges of an aging, changing workforce. The workforce is more diverse than ever, especially when it comes to age.

Getting multiple generations to work together effectively is critical for business success.

Five reasons why diversity and inclusion at work matters

See the new issue of Briefings magazine, available at newsstands and online.. Clothing with built-in computers, sub-orbital commuting, artificially-intelligent appliances. May 13,  · Can you name three workforce trends that companies have to pay attention to? 1. We are faced with the convergence of technology and new thought processes being brought into the workforce by the.

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