Payap university linguistics thesis

Pisaniello, a graduate of Lowville Academy and Central School and graduate of Houghton College, recently became a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators, an international Christian organization that translates the Bible into hundreds of different languages and supports local people with education and literacy programs. She is currently living in the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand, pursuing a graduate degree in linguistics through Payap University with plans to research little-known tribal languages to help with new translations of the Bible. Pisaniello, daughter of Drs.

Payap university linguistics thesis

The West Katuic Languages: As no previous publication has concerned itself solely with the comparative phonology of WK, it was determined that this thesis should provide a review of previously published phonological descriptions of WK languages, a reconstruction of the segmental inventories of Proto-West Katuic PWKProto-Kuay PKuay and Proto-Bru PBruand an isoglossic analysis of the phonological changes apparent in a representative sampling of modern Kuay and Bru languages.

Additionally, a word list data collection tool was developed, which is aimed at eliciting etyma from other, previously undocumented WK varieties that will provide data pertinent towards the isoglossic analysis of those varieties.

Payap university linguistics thesis

The lexical data supporting the analysis in this thesis comes from three previously published sources and seven new data sources collected by the author. No register split is reconstructed for PWK vocalism on account of the transitional, pre-register vocalism described for modern Suay Ferlus No significant consonant changes were found between PK and PWK, though the process of initial stop devoicing likely did begin in the PWK period or slightly after under Middle Khmer influence.

An analysis of the phonological isoglosses discovered here reveals that the Kuay sub-group may be further divisible into an eastern branch and a western branch. This makes sense based on the geographic isolation of the western Kuay languages Suay of Laos. While intra-Bru isoglosses were discovered, no indications were found of sub-groupings within the Bru language community and the entire Bru area remains best described as a dialect continuum.

It is hoped that this thesis will serve as a synthesis of the WK research that has gone on up to this point and provide a starting point for the further investigation of WK languages.Thomas M.

Tehan has worked at the Department of Linguistics, Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, since Thomas does research in Discourse Analysis, Syntax and Sociolinguistics.

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Masters in ESL or TESOL programs are typically two year programs which require a bachelors degree. Many ESL Masters programs are for current teachers and may therefore also require applicants to hold a license and have some classroom experience. PhD thesis, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne.

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Payap university linguistics thesis

1) Payap University (January present) Business Statistics, and Program Design for PhD program in Peace Studies 2) California State University, Chico (present).

Audra Phillips currently works at the Department of Linguistics, Payap University. Audra does research in Discourse Analysis, Syntax and Semantics. Her current project is 'The function of nominals. Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, Payap University, Chiangmai, November a With Jackson T.

–S Sun. ‘Constraints on relativization in rGyalrong: a cross-dialectal comparison’.

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