The greatest emotion somewhere i have

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The greatest emotion somewhere i have

They like to imagine themselves in worlds and situations that challenge them, that give them opportunity to do and be something other than what they do or are in their real lives. Fiction, whether in book or film or games, allows people to not only step into other worlds, but to experience those worlds.

To feel beyond their normal feelings. Since readers want to immerse themselves in other worlds and other lives, what can writers do to make that experience authentic, to make the fictional world real for a few hours? One technique the writer can make use of to create reality out of fiction is to induce emotion in readers, make them feel something of what the characters are experiencing.

Readers can fear and feel joy and be excited and know grief. They can laugh and cry, shiver and rage. All from reading a story. But how can a writer accomplish this?

How does a writer make readers feel emotion? Write in scenes, showing rather than telling. Show what fear or giddiness or grief does to him.

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Character action and response is a good place to focus. This is a major key for rousing reader emotions. No one gets emotional over a report.

Delores was afraid to open the door to the basement steps. She stood at the far side of the kitchen, debating what to do. She bit her lip and tightened her fingers around the cold knob.

A shiver shook her. She inhaled only a shallow breath and then struggled for another. And nearly shot through the ceiling when the microwave dinged, letting her know her tea was hot.

Make a character sympathetic, so the reader identifies with her. If the reader can identify with a character—with her dreams or habits or choices—he can also identify with her emotions—pains and joys and sorrows. Readers can also identify with the shared human condition, so sometimes a particular situation will resonate with readers even before the character becomes involved.

The reader may have a physical response—laughter or tears or shivers—as if whatever happened to the character had actually happened to the reader.

The greatest emotion somewhere i have

You know how this plays out in your own life. Help your readers know your characters. Make your character believable and sympathetic so the reader wants to be that character, wants to go through everything he goes through for the length of the story.

Make a character unsympathetic, so the reader feels anger or repugnance toward him. A character who is hated has already created an emotional response in your reader.Human Emotional Needs.

All humans have basic emotional needs.

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The greatest emotion somewhere i have

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