The post office

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The post office

The old General Post Office on Lombard Street, Londonin A Canadian sorting office in The term "post office" or "post-office" [4] has been in use since the s, [5] shortly after the legalisation of private mail service in England in These stables or inns permitted important correspondence to travel without delay.

In early America, post offices were also known as "stations". This term and "post house" fell from use as horse and coach service was replaced by railwaysaircraftand automobiles. Today, "post office" usually refers to postal facilities providing customer service. The term " General Post Office " is sometimes used for the national headquarters of a postal service, even if it does not provide customer service within the building.

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April Indian Post Office at the Mango Orange village, Ooty Road The oldest functioning Post Office in the world, Sanquhar, Scotland There is evidence of corps of royal couriers disseminating the decrees of the Egyptian pharaohs as early as 2, BC and the service may greatly precede even that date.

Similarly, organized systems of posthouses providing swift mounted courier service seems quite ancient, although sources vary as to precisely who initiated the practice. Suetonius credited Augustus with regularizing the Roman network, the cursus publicus.

Local officials were obliged to provide couriers who would be responsible for their message's entire course.

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Locally maintained post houses Latin: Diocletian later established two parallel systems: Procopiusthough not unbiased, records that this system remained largely intact until it was dismantled in the surviving empire by Justinian in the 6th Century.

This post office has functioned continuously sincean era in which horses and stage coaches were used to carry mail.

The post office

In parts of Europe, special postal censorship offices existed[ when? In France, such offices were known as cabinets noirs.

In many jurisdictions, mail boxes and post office boxes have long been in widespread use for dropoff and pickup respectively of mail and small packages outside post offices or when offices are closed.

Deutsche Post introduced the Packstation for package delivery both dropoff and pickup in In the s, the United States Postal Service began to install Automated Postal Centers APCs in many locations both in post offices for when they are closed or busy and in retail locations.

Notable post offices[ edit ].Your local post office may be able to hold your mail for a short period of time, such as during a vacation, but the service is not available at all post offices.

Use this online form to see if your post office will hold mail and to scheduled the free service. Welcome to Find information on our most convenient and affordable shipping and mailing services.

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The post office

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Veterans Magazine Best of the Best award. Mar 30,  · Donald Trump Gets Mocked After Showing He Really Doesn’t Know What The Post Office Does. The president slammed Amazon for using the USPS as a . Nov 11,  · I've visited the Post Office Cafe a few times prior, usually for happy hour or snacks.

Atmosphere: It is a cool, casual, relaxed locale. Long wood bar, tall booths with wood accents, but pleasant and comfortable as well.4/ TripAdvisor reviews. Post Office is the largest retail network and financial services chain in the UK, with more branches than all of the UK’s banks and building societies put together.

Post office claims to have over 11, Post Office branches nationwide, run by local people, and more than 17 million customer visits & 47 million transactions per week.

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