University of helsinki master thesis sample

Prerequisites BSc degree or equivalent.

University of helsinki master thesis sample

USC students attending Aalto have the opportunity to specialize in design thinking, an area of business development that has a strong emphasis on design-driven innovation, sustainability, creative business model design, and product development.

Students also have the option to develop a functional specialization in one or two of the following fields: Through a commitment to multi-disciplinary project teams and close partnering with businesses, non-governmental organizations and governments around the world in both programs, students receive hands-on experience in leading organizations in developing new products, services and systems to improve profitability, user satisfaction and community enhancement.

university of helsinki master thesis sample

Students need an undergraduate degree in business to qualify and particular preference is given to those interested in the fields of marketing, sustainability, business development and consultancy. Candidates for the double degree will be evaluated based on the strength of their application and supporting documents, GMAT scores and indications they are culturally, academically and personally motivated to participate in the program.

Program Structure This double degree program is two years in length. Students may not deviate from the program structure in any way:Aalto University was founded in Helsinki, Finland based on a commitment to integrated thinking that blends the best of business/economics, art/design and engineering into graduate programming to prepare future business leaders for complex, dynamically evolving environments around the world.

The master’s thesis at hand was completed between October and April in the Division of Microbiology and Biotechnology (Department of Food and En-vironmental Sciences) at the University of Helsinki (UH).

The research contrib-utes to the PhD project of M. Sc.

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Sebastián Coloma (UH) on the role of viruses in Sample . I have been a supervisor of the doctoral thesis of Matti Kaikkonen from the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, University of Helsinki. This work deals with the determination of cesium (stable and radioactive) in blood plasma.

Please, read the guide before starting your thesis work: Scientific Writing – Guide of the Empirical Software Engineering Research Group. Master's Thesis Topics. Software engineering and technology are very popular areas for thesis at the Department and there are many candidates asking for thesis topics every academic year.

Welcome to the thesis project! Here is some information how things go forward: The Board of the CS Master's Programme discusses the new registrations in its meetings and assigns contact persons for each. The Master of Social Sciences degree awarded upon completion of the program enables you to apply for doctoral program in economics at the University of Helsinki and at international universities.

If your ultimate goal is a doctoral degree in economics, the Research track is date: Request Info.

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